16u Rock River Stix -Siekert 

2020 Frozen Rope Championships
16u Gold Bracket 2nd place


Allen Siekert  
Alix Siekert 



#3 Brynn Torrenga
Fort Atkinson, WI

#6 Madison Fischer
Watertown, WI

#7 Kaitlyn Burke
Fort Atkinson, WI

#9 Kelly Hanauska
Milton, WI

#10 Elizabeth Katzman
Whitewater, WI

#16 Alex Theriault
Fort Atkinson, WI

#17 Ashley Vanderhei
Milton, WI

#18 Maggie Strupp
Watertown, WI

#23 Angela Unate
Fort Atkinson, WI

#42 Julia Ball
Sullivan, WI

2020 Tournament Schedule

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