71iSoftball Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser for the 18u Stix Team.  The Stix Player names are currently on the squares in RED.  Once you buy a square your name will go above the player name in BLUE.  When selecting your square use vertical letter (Oregon side) and then horizontal letter (Wisconsin side).  For example:  “FC”.  Once all squares are filled we will video the drawing of numbers and post the video on this page.  The letters will then be replaced by numbers.  Drawing will be be done on Monday, December 30th.

A winner will be determined at the end of the 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, and Final Game score.  The winner is determined by looking at the last number in each teams score, and then matching those numbers on the grid and seeing which square intersects those two numbers.  An example would be if the score at end of the game was Wisconsin 23 and Oregon 14. The last number for Wisconsin is 3, and the last number for the Oregon is 4. The square on the grid that has Wisconsin with the number of 3 and Oregon score of 4, would be the winner.  

Total payouts= $1100.
1st quarter: $200   Score 7-10 -winner Allison(bryce)
2nd halftime: $300  Score 14-17 -winner Chris(Ella)
3rd quarter: $200  Score 21-24 -winner Gerald(Ellie)
Final: $400  Score 28-27 winner Allison(bryce)

Each square is $20.  You can pay Stix Player or you can make payment online.  You do not need a paypal account to pay online.  You can use credit card or debit card.

Fill out form below to pick your square or pay online below.

Thank you for your support!!

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